Solid Traffic Tips That Work for IM Marketers

Obviously, the online marketers website or blog is the mothership of the business. The home of your content that hopes to turn visitors and surfers into buyers, or subscribers. It's a complete no-brainer that a good website, that converts well, is absolutely necessary in online business. However, the site/blog is only one component in online business. You probably know the other part: traffic, and you'll need it obviously. Quite obviously, if no one knows it's there... who'll buy all your great stuff?

Site submission using a search engine's submission form: Do not use Google's form, but it's ok to do so with smaller, secondary engines for certain reasons - it will only help and not hurt. The reason for this is that it can take much longer than necessary, and you can get at least your home page indexed in Google very quickly using social media methods. Of course submitting to secondary engines takes a little time. However, you will see traffic from them, and they will also contribute to your site's 'popularity' which the major engines will notice. There are tons of ways to get backlinks, and some are certainly more valuable than others. This will help you with Google because your backlinks will appear to be more natural, and they do take that into some consideration.

It's important to check the links on your site to be sure they are working. Broken links make it tough for your visitors to move around your site. And your one time visitors just might leave immediately and possibly never come back. Another reason you want your links to work properly is that when search engine spiders crawl your site, they won't hit dead-ends, and that's especially critical if your site's nav structure is SEO optimized.

You should try to take advantage of offline marketing, as well. There's real power and potential for the right kind of markets and offline advertising. A well constructed classified ad has the potential to bring you hordes of targeted traffic. Great giveaway products like key chains and pens are another way to spread the word�just drop a few off at different places as you run errands. Not everyone has seen all the IM techniques, so some offline marketing leads may be easier sales.

People just don't realize how many different ways exist to create traffic to a site. What you'll always want to do is be able to maintain that traffic source. An hour or two every day, and you'll see a huge difference in a little while. So just keep in mind there are hundreds, and thousands, of potential sales from all that traffic. Thankfully if you keep working at it, you should be able to build up quite a stable of traffic to your website!

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